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•Endra The RPG 4: Never forget Amalgamash•

In this game you are playing as Aqua, yeah, remember her? Well she's back, just as meow-y as ever and just as friendly and purry!

A band of entitled neckbeards and various other simpletons and evil tempered dimwits stolen the Aether stones.  The leader, Eldred absorbed the stones by eating them... which is not a good idea...!

This is for the #sgbsj2022!

Hope ya like it!

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Endra_rpg_4.zip 108 MB


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Great job on this game! It's really funny, and quirky. I enjoyed playing it and look forward to seeing your future projects!

expect more craziness with bakin too.


I won't have time to play all the games this jam but I'll try this one


I think you will like it.