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Hoppy is back in a new adventure in the world of Endra!

The evil neckbeard army is causing trouble  in the town of Feedo and it's up to Hoppy and her friends to stop them! 

•What are the neckbeards after?

The legendary Magic Ring that can grant any wish!☼

•Why do they want that?

To take over the world and make people submissive to their  "all knowing" master


Game play:

Player characters now regenerate a little HP and MP while out of battle and earn exp per  every 10 steps making leveling and healing a breeze!

Players also regenerate HP and MP in battle.

(You may gain exp as well...?)

Find powerful weapons and items, maybe the legendary Key Of Mental Power?!

(What does that do? I have NO idea!!)

Recruit friends and allies to fight against the neckbeard evils, such as the moon paladin and popular youtuber Moonhorse and Companionwulf, Amalgamash!

A running section where you run over evil characters to earn exp!

Current build: Alpha_test 1.1

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing


Hoppy's Adventure 2_alpha_1.1.zip 92 MB

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